Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Conflicts of Interest - Blogging Comes of Age?

Interesting situation over at the TechCrunch blog today, which is reflective of a growing number of similar ethical conflicts of interest catching headlines since the credential meltdown at Wikipedia.

Of course, conflicts of interest in higher education are gaining a high degree of press right now as well. It would seem that as students have been forced to carry ever more burdensome loads of debt, the college loan industry has been providing "kickbacks" to financial aid officers -- at at least three major universities.

Coincidentally, there was "A Modest Proposal on Blogger Ethics" over at Business 2.0 today, dealing with conflicts of interest.

Such simple logic:

I have a wild and crazy idea for new-media types who are trying to win the trust of their audience and make a buck: Don't just disclose your conflicts of interest. Try to actively avoid them. Transparency is good. But actually having nothing to hide is even better.

Excellent. Obvious.

Shouldn't it be easy?

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