Thursday, March 22, 2007

Another Open Source Alternative to BlackBoard

Now there's one less reason to shell out $, and lose your copyright on all uploaded/posted files--yes, even your syllabus--to a company that practices predatory patent litigation, like BlackBoard:


DrupalEd is based on the open source social networking/content creation software platform Drupal, which is easy to install/configure (I've done it myself over the course of a few hours earlier this week).

To see what DrupalEd looks like, just head over to the site (linked to above). Sign on, and nose around a bit. Then talk to your university's IT department, and tell them you know how to save the university 10s of thousands of dollars a year...

Then maybe they can swing a raise for you.

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Mark said...

We agree strongly with the Drupal recommendation. Drupal is a powerful, open source solution that is attracting a lot of attention in the the open source development community. Edtech enthusiasts who are looking for alternatives to the over-prices and underwhelming commercial LMSs should definitely take a look, both at the Drupal platform itself, as well as the DrupalEd derivative.