Thursday, February 08, 2007

Help Create the Codex of Terrible Higher Ed Marketing!

John Moravec, from Education Futures, had a great idea in his comment on When College Marketing Goes Wrong.... As of today, I'm starting a list of terrible college marketing sites and films.

There will be a few categories:

1. "They Paid Someone to Design This?!"
A list of the most poorly designed college websites.

2. "This Video is Supposed to Inspire... Whom?"
A list of the cheesiest and most tasteless college promotional videos. (Currently, Appalachian State holds the title for this one.)

3. "College PR Blunders"
Dumbest moments in college PR. (Such as UNC's 2,700 congratulatory emails on students' un-admission.)

Please, nominate your favorites!
You can use the Comments link below, or simply email me.

Names of participants in this web hunt will be kept private--so you needn't worry about nominating your alma mater, or current employer. :-)

I'll be amassing the list over the next week--from my own web hunting, and via reader nominations.

The results will be posted on February 15th.

Until then--good hunting!

Malleus Advertisarum!


Anonymous said...

I nominate this 1998 style site for worst site

dsargent said...

:-) Well, it's not 2007, true enough. But wait until I post some of the other site I've been receiving...

This one is a gem compared to some of the sites that others have been sending me...