Sunday, February 18, 2007

The EduPatent Alert System

As I was sorting through the remaining "Worst College Website" nominees this evening, I noticed a very valuable service had just been launched by Michael Felstein, over at e-Literate.

There is now a centralized RSS-based informational service for those interested in EduPatents (such as the furor over Blackboard's abuse of this process).

Definitely check out Michael's post regarding his work on this service. Here's a sample:

"Via Stephen Downes, I see that Mark Oehlert posted a list of Blackboard’s pending patents, 8 of which were filed for in the last year (6 of which were filed in October and November of last year), and many of which are not covered in Blackboard’s patent pledge. This has prompted me to invest a little time in creating a more—dare I say it?–Web 2.0ish edupatent alert system.

You’ll notice that there is a new tab on the top of this blog labeled “EduPatents.” On that page you will find an RSS feed aggregator that displays any blog posts on the web that have been tagged by their authors with the word “edupatents”, any posts that use the word “edupatents” in the body of their texts, and any web pages that have been tagged “edupatents” on"

But it's more in depth than a simple aggregator. Check it out.

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