Thursday, January 18, 2007

Is Math Overrated?

If you aren't familiar with Sam Huleatt's blog, Leveraging Ideas (formerly Intelligrad), it's worth a look. He's an MBA student, coming from a Liberal Arts undergraduate background, and he runs a social media consulting business, so much of what he discusses is "from the inside," so to speak.

His post "Is Math Overrated for MBAs?" is a very interesting - and relevant - meditation on the shift in focus taking place in the broader business and academic communities. For example, there is a dire need for interdisciplinarity - which I've discussed in my post regarding the job market for Liberal Arts graduates.

From Sam's post:
Someone recently asked me about my getting an MBA degree, knowing that I was a Liberal Arts major in college. This person was interested in pursuing an MBA, but worried about the amount of math involved. While I could write endless articles on this topic, I am going to stick with one issue for now: Do you need to be good at math to succeed as an MBA student?

Short Answer: No.

When my friend asked me this question, my immediate response was that the liberal arts is the best preparation for an MBA and that overall, math was not as big a deal as one might think.

When pressed, I offered my thought: “Excel can do math for you, but Word cannot write for you.”
Read the rest of his post here.

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