Friday, November 24, 2006

What IS Professionalism?

As a professor and IT professional, I've encountered various positions/preferences regarding the subject of professionalism.

I'll discuss some of my experiences and musings on What is professionalism? in a series of future posts.

However, I wanted to share a little something, which I saw over at
Despite patient preference and other compelling reasons for dressing up, author Erin Marcus, an assistant professor at the University of Miami's medical school, claims that more and more young doctors are slumming it at work. "Among older and middle-aged physicians (like myself), tales of salacious and sloppy trainee attire abound," Marcus observes. "One Midwestern medical school dean reported that her school instituted a formal dress policy after administrators noticed students revealing too much flesh while sunbathing on a small patch of grass outside the school building, directly below patients’ hospital room windows."

This article focuses on the medical field, but I think there's a simmering tension in the broader business community over workplace attire.

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