Tuesday, November 07, 2006

"Let's have tomorrow's meeting on the Wiki."

Teachers and students can already get free wiki-spaces (the same software that powers Wikipedia) over at Edublogs.org, but for some, this may not be the right option.

Many schools, and corporations, have compelling reasons to create their own wikis, and other social networks (for instance, IBM is using social networking to help fuel creativity in their R&D labs). These groups may need spaces which are totally customized to their needs, with their own graphics, logos, links, layout, etc.

The same qualities which make social netwroking a goldmine for educators--i.e., its facilitation of collaborative learning and group activities, its "always on" nature, its culture of sharing and free thought, etc.--make social networking an exciting tool to energize Research and Development throughout the business and academic communities.

Here are a few interesting perspectives on social networking's value in creative business endeavors:

  • Intel unveils 'Web 2.0' software suite

  • Web 2.0 a catalyst in Oracle's Fusion

  • 'Office 2.0' startups knock on business doors
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