Thursday, October 19, 2006

Call for Proposals: Scholarship of Teaching & Learning at the Liberal Arts Colleges

Perhaps you have been using blogs in your classroom(s)? Maybe you've been using educational technologies such as Web Biographies, and would like to share your experiences with it?
(You can read my earlier post on using Web Biographies in my classrooms here.)

"We will be watching the planning for this upcoming conference with great interest, as it provides a view into the future of the scholarship of teaching and learning movement’s progress within a liberal arts context.

One of the claimed distinctions of the education offered at liberal arts colleges is that the faculty there are genuine teacher-scholars, dividing their time equally between their research and undergraduate instruction. On the surface, these are ideal circumstances for many to begin to engage in thinking about their teaching as a form of research. Yet we wonder: How many of these faculty will shift the focus of their research toward the practice of teaching within their chosen disciplines? How many of our institutions’ tenure and promotion committees will accept such scholarship as a substitute for traditional scholarship?" --You can find the full call for proposals at

(For some strange reason links to their posts only return server errors from their system. So, you can find the CFP for Scholarship of Teaching & Learning at the Liberal Arts Colleges under the section/tab titled "The Center for Teaching and Learning".)

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